Saturday, December 6, 2008

No Buddies! No Mercy! No Problem!

It was an epic battle. Odysseus, in all his strength and literary chutzpah, could not have matched Friday night's half-time melee. My 6th hour AP Lit. class has been accused of being elitists, snobs and snobby elitists by my 8th hour AP lit. class.
If I use all my sleuthing skills, my hypothesis is that 8th hour is upset because they do not and will not share in the glory of reading buddies. Read this previous post for a Reading Buddy explanation.

When 6th hour treks over to St. Peter, Macomb for an engaging buddy experience, 8th hour claims/whines they have quizzes. We reached the tipping point when talk of a coup was discovered. To avoid the perils of a literary WWIII, I negotiated a challenge with operatives from both classes.

Using P.E. mats and bodies, the class that could surf the fastest to half court could claim dominance over the second place team.

The epic battle occurred Friday night and the 8th hour class humbled the arrogance right out of 6th hour. To the victors go the spoils and 8th hour walked off with the coveted BT. Buddy Trophy: Round One.

What will Round Two involve?

Stay tuned.

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Aaron Brandt said...

Glad to see that the blackhole has a pulse.