Wednesday, November 5, 2008

First Grade Buddies!

My AP Lit. and Comp. class is involved in a very interesting project. We've joined artistic and literary forces with a first grade class from St. Peter, Macomb. Every month we get together and share stories my students wrote for their first grade chums.

The first story involved their first grade buddies' favorite stuff.
The second book we are in the process of writing are Eric Carle-like books. Each buddy group read an Eric Carle story and then took the title and changed it a bit. Instead of The Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar, the buddies came up with The Sleepy, Sleepy, Aardvark. Each buddy group read a book and came up with an idea they would write together. I also showed my class a short film about how Eric Carle creates his books, his art and his ideas. Not only will we write Eric Carle-like books, we will also create Eric Carle-like art.

The project has been very interesting. How does this fit into an AP Lit curriculum?
Students write for a specific audience. They need to use effective diction, description and syntax to communicate their ideas. We are combining word and graphics to reveal a consistent theme.

Oh, and it's fun to impact the lives of young readers.

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