Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hoops Updates

The Fillies stampeded out of the corral and pushed its record to 3-1. We defeated Almont 46-2; conquered Capac 46-36; beat the Muskrats of Algonac 52 - 9 and dropped our game against Bishop Foley 35 - 40. We didn't play well against Foley. Our shooting percentage was horrific and we were too sloppy with the ball. However, we found ourselves down by 8 points with two minutes left. We scored on three straight steals and were down by 2. Confusion surfaced and we lost by five. Bishop Foley is a good team that played very hard and we never gave up. It's a lesson we learned and will have the chance to put it into practice on December 12 when we battle Fraser. After that we head into a well-deserved Christmas vacation.
We are learning how to run the ball with patience, how and where to defend and what it means to play together and play hard. That's the fundamental key to any team's success.
Another reason that may also play a vital role in our success is that our inbounds plays are named after scintillating American cyclists: Armstrong, Hincapie, Finkel and Mo. The last one is a stretch but he does own a bike and knows how to ride no-handed.

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Kevin said...

Funny, real funny.