Monday, November 3, 2008


This week's edition of LEFT FIELD takes us down Alumni Boulevard where we meet up with Aaron Lehr. Besides having family "connections" with The Clem, Aaron was responsible for the best video project ever made in the history of LHN. Aaron, along with his Mustang cohorts created a movie trailer based on Nathaniel Hawthorne's classic, "Young Goodman Brown." To this day I still use it to introduce that short story. Now grab a bat and step up to the plate: it's time for LEFT FIELD.

What year did you graduate? 2002 from Lutheran High North and 2007 from Grand Valley State University. Oakland University in 2010.

Can you recall the message of a memorable chapel from your days at LHN? Well, that’s almost impossible to limit to just one….I remember Mr. Rochlitz having a student write out the world’s largest number on a chalk board (1,000,000,000….etc), Mr. Sievert throwing Mr. Brandt’s wallet through the gym doors to get him to come back and speak at the podium, Mr. Faszholz carving a Christmas tree to its trunk and creating a cross, lots of singing, prayers, etc. The only main point I can retain from all this was “Love the Lord”, place the hymn books neatly back on the carts and don’t be late for the next class.

Looking back over the stacks of edibles consumed during lunch, what was your favorite cafeteria item? I was a brown-bagger and never got to fully experience the wonders of cafeteria food. I sometimes went crazy and got a Mrs. Fields’s cookie from the vending machine.

Track was a part of your Mustang experience. What was worse, running during the arctic, spring weather that included snow, sleet and hurricane-esque winds or those “fashionable” uniforms you had to wear during that arctic experience? I was little disturbed by the height of the shorts we had to wear. And the Michigan arctic conditions did not help at all to make it a pleasant experience either. But the uniform I can control with extra layers to conceal and keep warm; the weather I had NO control over and it’s going to be snowy and windy regardless of what I do.

In LHNville it’s vogue to craft a witty film-short and show it to the school to promote upcoming events. You were ahead of you time with the best film adaptation ever created: Young Goodman Brown. It’s still a viewing staple for all AP Language students during the Nathaniel Hawthorne unit. How can students avoid making a horrific video project? Experience, a lot of time on your hands and someone that understands what the heck the story is about. Also, get a tripod and don’t forget about audio – windy conditions can interfere very easily.

What was the last book you read? Did you like it? Technically, it was “Gait Analysis: Normal and Pathological Function” by Jacquelin Perry. Though it’s a great book, it’s not quite the novel most people usually get from Barnes and Noble. The last book I read for fun over the summer was “The Chamber” by John Grisham. I like all Grisham books-they are better than the movie versions.

You obtained your undergraduate degree from Grand Valley State University and are currently pursuing a DPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy, at Oakland University. Is there an LHN experience that helped you define your career goals? At the time of high school, I had no clue for physical therapy; I originally thought I would go to Hollywood for film and video and take the Jake and Aaron productions world-wide. You can never tell where God will take you during your journey in life…

If you could retake one high school class what would it be and why? Physics with Mr. Dumar; I loved those old physic movies he showed in class and being able to play with those “friction-free” cars.

As I recall you ran with a pack of rapscallions like Josh Davis and Jacob Kasper. Share a life-fact about each one that sheds light on what they are up to these days. Josh is currently the Vicar at Woodbury Lutheran Church, MN. Jake has been married for just over 2 years and is the Resident Hall Director at the University of Colorado.

Excluding the Bible, what’s the best book you’ve ever read. “The Perfect Mile” by Neal Bascomb. It’s about Roger Banister, the first person to break the 4 minute mile.

Any roommate horror stories from your Grand Valley days? Sophomore year I had a new roommate that didn’t care to maintain the apartment. I’m not a clean freak but at least throw out stuff from the refrig that has expired!


Meijer or Wal-Mart? Meijer; based out in Grand Rapids, MI by GVSU!
Ring bologna or deli-style? Neither is on my menu of choice
Detroit Free Press Marathon or Boston Marathon? Detroit to qualify for Boston
Steve Spielberg or Tim Burton? Steven Spielberg
Digital or film camera? Film to appreciate digital
Lost characters: Jack or Sawyer? Never seen…
The Clem or Sterling Hgts.? The Clem

Eggs scrambled or over easy? Scrambled


Mr. Sievert said...

Aaron dude.... it was John throwing my wallet. I can't believe you missed the most important part of the message.

josh said...

Still a rapscallion, am I? I'm disappointed that you haven't come up with a new misnomer in six years, Mr. B.

Andrew Fluegge said...
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Andrew Fluegge said...

mr. b,
you don't even have to mention what the second greatest shorty story film of all time was. i'm still looking for it in the online repository of all happenings romeo and juliet. i can't seem to find the link. hmm...

JBrandt said...

Josh, I can't just make up words that don't fit. A rose by any other name might smell as sweet but it would not be accurate. Rapscallion it was and rapscallion it will remain.

Andrew, I don't like the sarcast "hmmm..." at the close of your comment. I'm not sure I said it would be available to the public. I had reservations about the project and your product warranted my hesitation.

Comment Deleted Person. Get your message right and get your message out. Don't hide behind technology.