Monday, October 27, 2008

Two Rs: Reformation, Writing

With this week's focus on the Reformation, the clarity of hymn 656 in the LSB, and my vocation as English teacher, I have found numerous opportunities for the following quote from Luther:

"Some think that the office of writer is simple and easy, that real work is to ride in armor and suffer heat, cold, dust, thirst, and other discomforts. It is always the same old story: no one sees where the other’s shoe pinches; everyone is aware only of his own problems and thinks the other fellow has it made. True, it would be hard for me to ride in armor; but on the other hand I would like to see the horseman who could sit still with me all day and look into a book-even if he had nothing else to care for, write, think about, or read. Ask a chancery clerk, preacher, or speaker whether writing and speaking is work! Ask a schoolmaster whether teaching and training boys is work! The pen is light, that is true. Also there is no tool of any the trades that is easier to get than the writer’s tool, for all that is needed is a goose feather, and you can pick them up anywhere free of charge. But in writing, the best part of the body (which is the head) and the noblest of the members (which is the tongue) and the highest faculty (which is speech) must lay hold and work as never before. In other occupations it is only the fist or the foot or the back of some other such member that has to work; and while they are at it they can sing and jest, which the writer cannot do. They say of writing that “it only takes three fingers to do it”; but the whole body and soul work at it too." (AE 46:248)


Josh Evans said...

I like it.

Andrew Fluegge said...

Mr. Brandt, I was actually about to just write a new post to integrate some audience involvement now that my blog is back in full swing. It's going to be about hymns? or your favorite hymn? or something like that at least. so needless to say i am shocked that you just put this up here. but hey i guess it wont stop me. yikes. and i think as you say, huzzah!

JBrandt said...

College must be settling down for you. You have more posts in the last two weeks than you did all of your high school career.