Monday, January 14, 2008

The Pontiac Civic?

I drive a Honda. It’s how I roll. As a result of my rolling, I’ve been verbally vilified by those offering their superior views of the American automotive industry. Some comments have been kind but often they have been vicious verbal barbs I’d rather not print.
I’m fine with that. I don’t have unlimited funds. I need a car I can depend upon in years 7-10 and more. I do research and read car reviews. Hondas hold their resale value better than American cars. Hondas have fewer problems than American cars. Hondas have very high consumer reliability. Check the resources and you will discover my findings. Still, many jump on the “Support America” bandwagon.
I understand this outcry. I also understand that the people in Marysville, Ohio that built my car are Americans. I also understand that the economy in Marysville, Ohio benefits from this factory.
What I never understood or even heard before is that the Pontiac Vibe uses transmissions made in Japan. Where has that news been? Where is the domestic outcry? Where is the disgust?
I would never have known any of this if I didn’t walk through a local dealership. I saw the Vibe and peered into the window. Hmmmmm, interesting: nice color, nice interior design and oh, look at the sticker. Yes, look at the sticker.
On the eve of yet another auto show in Detroit, headlines reveal the rising popularity of the foreign automobile industry. It’s a sensitive issue during a sensitive time in this state’s economy. I understand this. I also understand that Pontiac aids the Japanese economy, just like my Honda aids the economy of the seventeenth state of our country, Ohio.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the Pontiac Vibe uses a Toyota motor. It's part of the joint GM/Toyota partnership called NUMMI. This partnership has been around since 1984. GM's Pontiac Vibe and Toyota's Corolla and its Tacoma pickup truck are currently built on this platform.

Thus far it has been a very successful partnership

For more check out this article:

aarong1204 said...

You knew how to get me enraged....I will be writing a blog about at the end of the week...

Idk who the anonymous comment is from, but he hit the nail on the head for one big part of this...

When you buy American, the money stays in America (i.e. Detroit) When you buy Japanee, the money goes back to Japan...oh yeah, they bombed us a few years back...hmmm....:)

1 in every 3 jobs in the NATION is linked to the UAW. This is not just Michigan. This is everywhere!

AHHHHHH!!! I'll stop venting for now and write a blog on Thursday about this...Right now, I have to go blog about my efforts to take down Huckabee at a rally in Warren tonight.

TOMORROW: GET OUT AND VOTE 2008!!! Freedom, Peace, Prosperity, HOPE FOR AMERICA, RON PAUL 2008!!

JBrandt said...

Build a better vehicle!

Steve Ng said...

This is the best blog entry I have read in my life.