Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Trifecta Goose Egg

We didn't break the tip-off scoring record. We didn't win the tip. We didn't win the game. Lady 'Stangs 22- Richmond BlueDevils 28
Ouch! However, after an early first quarter drubbing where we found ourselves down 2-10, the Lady 'Stangs battled back and were down 1: 11-10. The rest of the contest was a brutal affair. The lead went back and forth until we were down by four and needed to foul to get the ball back into our hands. Well, we fouled and they hit some free throws. We fouled some more and they still made the free throws. By far it was the most physical game we played. The loss merely shapes our focus for Thursday's battle with Lutheran Northwest...the crosstown rivals.


Mud Slide Slim said...

I am anxiously awaiting word of the Northwest game.

-- Your New Blog Fan

JBrandt said...

The Lady 'Stangs emerged victorious.