Wednesday, January 9, 2008

...due to technical difficulties

After spending a vacation gathering prime blogging photos that would accurately reflect my vacation, I've discovered changes have been made that do not allow me to use those pictures. Well, on to plan B.
The free tickets I snabbed for The Motor City Bowl turned into standing room only seats which then turned into prime seats in the end zone behind the Purdue marching band. Why does the Purdue marching band get a literary nod in the blog? These cats possess the world's largest drum. This alone made the free tickets worth the money I spent.

Ron Paul. I never met the man but I did snab some of his political propoganda that a volunteer was distributing outside Ford Field. It was hard to hear what the volunteer was telling me. It wasn't because of the world's largest drum. There was a constant thundering from everywhere. This phenomena could only be explained as a HuckaBOOM tempest.

Lutheran North's 9th grade hoopsters upped its record to 4-2 by dismantling the Royal Oak Ravens. We did not set the tip-off record but we played very hard and had the fast break working perfectly. Our next game is Friday at Bloomfield Hills Andover. It's a week of road trips but I believe the girls are up for it.

Nolan Finley, the Editor of the Detroit News editorial department, visited my class yesterday to discuss elements of writing and life as a journalist. It was a very interesting discussion and certainly kind of him to take time out of his schedule to speak with our class.
Well, Blog 08 is beginning to ramble. Hopefully, my pics will surface and I can add visuals to the literary narrative.
Until then.


aarong1204 said...

I'm pretty disappointed not to see the RP/Ford Field blog pic....

The world's biggest drum although....that thing is basically the eigth wonder of the world.

JBrandt said...

Our network security has changed. I can't get the pictures from my phone to an e-mail address to copy/paste. I'm still working on it, however.

jon collar said...

hey i was at the motor city bowl and it was a heck of a game but that drum was about as big as Jay Gatsby's ego.