Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Reflections in the Pool Cover

Spring-cleaning rarely occurs in the fall, but last week I was rummaging around in the basement and came across ye ol’ cross-country shoes. Ahhh, the memories. I remember traveling to a mall in Flint, quite a hike from a boy growing up on the rugged streets of the Nasty, for the uninformed that’s Saginaw’s guttural moniker, because Fashion Square Mall didn’t carry the newest Brooks running shoe. It was early summer and I talked John Cammin into going along for the ride…and paying for gas. I didn’t know anything about running shoes, I simply saw an ad in a magazine and noted the little heal-cup eyelet and knew they needed to be on my feet for the coming CC season. For some strange reason I never threw these well-worn foot soldiers out. Hanging on the hook with my shoes was the past. Finally a tangible way to connect! I slipped them on and noted the discomfort. What use to be a synthetic plush now felt stiff and abrasive. Immediately, I was transported to a literary understanding of Nick Carroway’s disbelief when Jay Gatsby uttered, “Can’t repeat the past? Why, of course, you can.”With apologies to Yoda, “Repeat the past, can you not.” However, you can fondly remember it.

This week’s caption contest transcends mere captions and asks you to craft fond but brief memories of your first wheeled items: bike, Big Wheel, skateboard or tricycle. Feel free to include the go-cart you hammered together with Darrel Lubben and raced it down the grassy hill on the side of the highway.


Gladiator said...

We used to have big wheel races around the hood in T'Town. We would have 5 guys meet and set up a course at the local Catholic church and race. Fun Times.

I showed up one day with my brand new John Deer petal tractor and was the talk of the town!!


D. Rohde said...

It was a warm Christmas Day in Peoria, IL. The night before I received the speedy Dukes of Hazard Big Wheel. What made this Big Wheel special, was the bright yellow hand brake. But in retrospect, why does the General Lee have a brake?

Steve Ng said...

"reflecting upon the salary of a high school English teacher"

JBrandt said...


What? You can't pen cryptic messages that NOBODY understands. My salary goes beyond the numbers on a check. My salary inlcudes preparing young ones to succeed, transitioning young ones into adulthood and I get to help spread the greatest part of my salar: the gospel message of Christ's cleansing righteousness freely given for all.
Oh, and have you not seen and sat in my slick '98 Civic, complete with bikerack?

Anonymous said...

...funny how even though it has three wheels I still managed to fall this day i won't step near a bicycle

Steve Ng said...

You are certainly right. Without you I would probably be sleeping inside of a dumpster wondering why I was thier. Now I am at a top university and know that by his wounds I am healed. Priceless.

The Commish said...
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The Commish said...

Although my memory serves me injustice from my early childhood days, I can add a little insight of what my garage looks like today with 3 kids!

Here’s an inventory of everything in my garage that has wheels…

20” Jet Trek bicycle
16” Army Commando Assault bicycle, complete with camo package!
12” Gary Fisher bicycle
12” Huffy bicycle, with lightning bolt decals
Fisher Price battery powered Chevy Silverado
Fisher Price battery powered ATV 4 wheeler
Battery powered Chuck the talking Dump Truck
2 Big wheels (small and large)
Corvette peddle car
Peddle Go-Cart
Peddle Ford Tractor, with front end loader and wagon
3 scooters (in various sizes)
Radio Flyer Classic Red tricycle, with a bell
Radio Flyer wagon, complete with umbrella and 2 cupholders
A double stroller, complete with cupholder
A single stroller, complete with cupholder
(2) Trek 870 Mountain bikes (his and hers)
(1) pull behind bike trailer for 2 kids, complete with a 8 foot orange flag

And I ask myself…why? Why do my kids need this ‘stuff”? I can honestly say that 95% of these toys were gifts given to my children.

Please note…the mini-van and truck are parked in the driveway, much to the dismay of my wife, especially in the winter!

So, Mr. Brandt, in 6-10 years from now, when the boys roll through LHN, I’m going to have a garage sale, with the proceeds going to pay for tuition!

And hang on to this list! I’m sure you’ll do this caption contest with a whole new audience in the years to come. I’d be willing to bet that my boys can’t remember half of this ‘stuff’, just like I tried and failed to do at the beginning of this rant!!!

Welcome to my world!