Monday, October 22, 2007

Jackpot! This Week's Winner

The C3 (Caption Contest Committee) almost didn’t convene over the weekend. The C3 was impressed with The Commish’s ability to connect the visual to the contemporary. Thinkers thrive on connections and The Commish, a Mustang graduate from the ‘80s, scored points early. However, let’s remember the disgruntled hare at the close of the epic battle. Exhausted, adversarial and harried, the hare wrapped up second place. The spoils never go to those who lead early; only to those who win late.
With the Lions exhibiting football prowess, reminiscent of the cherished ’53 season, the C3 could not honor The Commish’s misguided, albeit worthy, entry. After hours of deliberation, the C3 connected downfield with another former Mustang, Road Dog. The C3 always enjoys a sarcastic arrow, figurative or literal, directed at any of Ryan Wesley’s pets. Too many of us have images of Melvin’s fat self reclining in the cat hammock, reclining on the floor, reclining in the food bowl, reclining in front of the door. The only joy Melvin ever brought anyone was the lady behind Wesley’s house who undoubtedly smiled after learning of the cat’s one-way ticket to the human society. Kudos to you Road Dog for winning last week’s Caption Contest.

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The Commish said...

It's always some form of heartbreak with the Leo's...on the field when you want them to play good...and in this blog when you need them to just lay down and bite the dust! I place this loss squarely in the hands of the NFL schedule makers. I probably could have garnered a few more votes from the C3 with a blowout road loss in Chicago last weekend, instead of this upcoming weekend. Would it have been enough? Maybe, maybe not! Nonetheless, congrats to the Road Dog.