Monday, October 1, 2007

Powder Puff 2007: Up in Smoke

First things first: The winner of the Caption Contest is...

Brendan Knorp's submission: "Yet another sighting of Nessie" The judges liked the caustic quip and the willingness to challenge, while at the same time mock, conspiracy theories. Using the obvious with an offbeat application impressed the judging panel. Now don't think any conspiracy theory allusion will take the prize. That thinking is why you will never win and forever remain in Clichéville, population 1. Picture number 2 goes up Tuesday.

So the weekend had an auspicious start. Yes, you've seen those feet before but never in such a state of ennui. These little pigs weren't at the market, the store or home. They were supervising Powder Puff practice. Ahhhhh, nothing like watching several boys struggle to explain the intricacies of football to girls who can't or won't catch while the rest of the boys attempt to dazzle the girls with one-hand catches, tackling each other, throwing the perfect spiral, going long and even kicking it through a makeshift field goal.

I was there to push four buttons on my phone...if needed. 9-1-1 and SEND. Fortunately, I didn't have to enact such supervisory power.

"This just in..." For you LHN Powder Puff game fans, the announcing team of Hardy & Brandt will be taking their show outside the booth. Both announcers will carefully amble up to the tower roof and announce the game from there. That way both teams will be victimized by the vitriol presented as game commentary. We will string the mic up to the roof and run The Show from there.
Homecoming weekend promises great blog fodder.


Steve Ng said...

you really like your shoes

D. Rohde said...
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D. Rohde said...

Didn't your mother tell you to always tie your shoes? I do not want to read another post by you complaining about your injuries. I will miss your attempts to humor the spectators at the Powder Puff games.