Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fall: Day One

On the first "unofficial" day of fall I found myself basking in the glow of Comerica Park watching the Tigers trounce the Royals. Now, previously I may have injected the word helpless in front of Royals, but my Tiger confidence has waned recently. Sure, I still don the Tigers t-shirt and join all the other old English D lemmings, but I'm just a bit disappointed with the season's close.

Ahhhhh, not to fret. It was a great game and great seats. In fact, the seats got even better because next year they will be mine....for a couple of games. I jumped into a season ticket package with a friend and a few of his working chums. Not one to normally splurge on such an opportunity, I threw caution to the wind and figured it would be worth it. At the very least I will have photo ops. for the Caption Contest and blog fodder.

Next week is Homecoming week at LHN so there will be plenty of springboard blogging opportunities.


Anonymous said...

The English teacher has now made his mark in the business world. If you ever want any tickets fell free to stop in my office. We are located at the northeast corner by ford field.

D. Rohde said...

Reality of the Tigers finally set in? Much like it did with me and my Brewers.

aarong1204 said...

Congratulations! I too will be a season ticket holder next season. A word of advice...I found that if you had purchased a season ticket plan (or partial) this past season and sold the Opening Day tickets, you could have paid for the whole thing.
I'm only buying tickets as a capitalistic venture. Unless you are ditching school (like some did this past year...hahaha), you too could dump the Opening Day and pay for a good chunk of the package with the dividends.