Monday, June 6, 2011

RIP: Voice Enhancer

     After seven years of bellowing encouragement to my children while they participated in various sports at Lutheran North, my Go Mustangs megaphone now falls silent.  It was there during rainy cross country meets, volleyball tournaments and softball games helping me reveal the pride I had in our children.  Not only was it a great voice enhancer but it also helped me get through crowds quickly.
A couple of good, "Musssstaaaaaaaaannnnnggggs!" and those crowding in front of me, concerned about sudden hearing loss, moved to the side. 
Several years ago my daughter painted the megaphone and glued GO Mustangs! on the side and re-gifted this treasure to me for Christmas.   Ironically, this picture that I took at the end of Alayna's last softball game appears to read GO Must.  In Yoda-esque fashion there is some truth to that.  Go, she must...from high school and on to college to become a Lutheran grade school teacher.  
I certainly don't need any voice enhancer to project the pride and love I have in the daughter the Lord has blessed us with.   
"For you have been my hope, O Sovereign Lord, my confidence since my youth." - Psalm 71:5 


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