Monday, November 29, 2010

There's No Corralling These Fillies

The Fillies open up the freshmen hoops season on the road tomorrow at Almont High School. Let the games begin. Last year’s Fillies were successful at converting the tip-off play into a three point lead in less than three seconds. We could be proud of what we accomplished last year and use that to achieve the same goal. That, however, would be similar to President Obama thinking that because he won the Presidential election in 2008, he will win it again in 2012.

No, the 2010 Fillies will not be satisfied with achieving goals that have already been met. This year our goal is 5 in 7. We will score 5 points in 7 seconds. Like last year’s team we will win the tip and hit the triple in three seconds. We will immediately break into a full court denial defense, steal the ball and then score the layup. 5 in 7.

Oh, I can hear the doubters grumbling bravely under their breath for nobody to hear,

“They’ll never pull it off.”
“It can’t be done.”
“Bring back the minute bell!”

I’ll ignore this delusional skepticism because, with the exception of that minute bell lament, I heard the same ignorance last year. Last year, as in the year we hit a triple in less than two seconds in three games. Doubt not the 2010 Fillies.

Another reason to place trust in the Fillies is in our plays. No, not the actual X’s and O’s. Anyone can Google, Out-of-Bounds-Plays that Work, and as long as they don’t get caught watchin’ the paint dry, they will score. No, I’m talking about the names of our plays. In years past we have dedicated our out-of-bounds plays to inspirational cyclists: Merkcz, Hincappie, Lemond and the fan favorite, Finkel. This year we have the same plays but different names: Boehner, Rubio, Regan, Palin, Jindal. That’s right, this year our plays are named after conservative Republicans. Fret not, the season is early and we haven’t put all our plays in yet. Waiting to be introduced are Bush41 and Bush43.

Check out the Fillies’ hoops schedule and get to a game when you can. Get there early, however, because before you know it the score will be Fillies 7 – Opponents 0.

These Fillies won’t be corralled.