Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Freshmen Fillies Set Record

In game two against Almont my freshmen girls' basketball team attempted to set a record by scoring a triple in three seconds. We've talked about the secret play before and we got the shot off but did not finish. This crew of Fillies is determined. In Tuesday's home game against Capac, North was able to control the tip, connect the first pass and drain the triple...all in three seconds.
So far this has been a year of firsts. We actually scored out of our special out of bounds play: Finkel. Now we've set a record that will take perfection to best.
Some may scoff and remind the readers of this blog that even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile. However, if the naysayers are right in the saying of nay, then why did the girls' varsity basketball team steal our tip off play? Hmmmmm... A great game, great teamwork, great victory. Now it's time to leave it behind and look to the most important game on our schedule: the next one at Pontiac Notre Dame Prep.


Andrew Fluegge said...

Congratulations! Still have that Mustang Pride. I think I'll be seeing you this Friday if you're at the Boy's Basketball Game, Mr. Brandt. We need to catch up. lol this is like a facebook wall post. it's fun. and speaking of facebook..woahhhhhhhh.

JBrandt said...

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All this references Aaron's recent post, if young Aflu, this is what you are referencing.

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