Thursday, February 18, 2010

The End

The Freshmen Fillies closed out the season with a dramatic win over Imlay City. The Fillies have been corralled since their last game against Lutheran Northwest which was two weeks ago. Since then we were on winter break, had a snow day and got booted out of the gym because of wrestling. Without consistent practices, I was concerned we would not play our best for the season finale.
The first half proved I was right. We couldn’t shoot, wouldn’t defend and couldn’t rebound. Down six I told the youngster to not panic because the first two minutes of the second half always sets the tone for the rest of the game. Well, it didn’t take two minutes to set the tone. A mere sixty seconds after the third quarter started we were down by 10. Ugh.
The Fillies battled back, figured out how to rebound, how to dive for basketballs, how to out-hustle our opponents and collect steals off our press. With one minute remaining in the game, we took a one-point lead only to lose it on the next possession. We scored again and held the lead for a one-point victory. It was a fitting end because we did the same during our first game of the season against Bishop Foley.
The Fillies closed the year 13-2 with our only loss to Regina….twice. Ugh.
At the year’s start our goal was to shoot three to four triples a game. Well, we didn’t quite make that goal but we did score 1.4 triples per game. Some coaches use the shooters he has. This year I wanted to prove we could develop the shooters we need. We were able to consistently get a three-point attempt to start nearly every game. We practiced shooting triples in every practice. We practiced how to rebound long misses every practice. The girls figured out the key was not shooting the triple or even making it. We simply had to out rebound our opponents. That helped us develop shooters for next year’s junior varsity team and for the varsity’s future.
To God be the glory.

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