Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama: The Artful Dodger

I know what he artfully said during the third debate concerning abortion. My vote for McCain is a vote for the sanctity of life.
Yes, the economy is a mess. However, I have been and will continue to be fiscally responsible. I did not buy a house I could not afford. I did not buy a car I could not afford. I sparingly use my pay-as-you-go cell phone and never spend more than $20.00 per month on this luxury. I don't have the Internet because it's free at school and the public library. Well, I guess the taxes I have rightly paid supports the library so that last one isn't free. I also don't have a monthly cable bill. I paid for my television once. I won't continue paying for that messenger of immorality. Soon, I'd like to toss that electronic box to the curb. Oh, but what would I do if I couldn't watch Lost, a show I like, the Lions, the 10:00 news, soap operas, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor? I would miss This Old House and that would be it. What would I do instead? Stay current on my grading, read a book or look my family members in the eye and talk to them. So, yes, the economy is a mess but my fiscal responsibility is paying dividends.

My vote for McCain will be a vote for life. Obama has no respect or value for life in the womb. His voting record and actions prove this.
Don't believe me? You don't have to. Take ten minutes out of your television viewing life and listen to this episode on Issues, Etc that discusses Obama's views on abortion by Dr. Robert George of Princeton University.

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