Friday, October 24, 2008


Left Field operatives are bringing the varsity game with this entry. This week's guest is Mr. Tim Hardy, math and computer teacher at LHN. There is no room for a weak entry this week. Unlike DumbleDorf from Harry the Clay Potter, Mr. Hardy is a self-professed technological wizard. He knows and likes his technology. We can only hope to live up to his expectations.

In your wealth of lifetime athletic accomplishments, did you ever play left field? Yes, during my prison softball days. If a ball ever made it to the fence you let it go because the guards put the laser scope on you. “Range me”

You sport a closely cropped cranium hairstyle. When/why did this start? In college we lived in a dorm called “Mary Martha”. We did what we had to do to survive.

You graduated from Lutheran High School Westland. While a young Warrior, what were your thoughts of the Mustangs from the North? All I knew was one of their colors was brown. Five years later I was sad to see that had been changed.

You attended Concordia Chicago for your undergraduate degree. Currently, Dan Rohde is coaching football for the Concordia Cougars. Who will leave a more lasting mark on the school? I’ll say that Dan will leave a more lasting mark. That’s assuming they clear the Dean’s file cabinet after 15 years.

You have a flair for technology. If money and time were not factors, what technological gizmo would you use in your classroom to enhance learning? Cattle prods.

Do you think educator Harry Wong would have been able to keep up with you during FFR?
Absolutely, It’s all about procedures baby.

You live in The Clem. Why doesn’t everyone? I ask myself that question every day. It’s not like we’re even close to the North River Road gangs. I mean, we’re building new Meyers and everything. Although now that we have Slagel, I think things are going to pick up.

Not many Left Field readers know you once coached young Mustang grapplers. What wrestling move could you use if accosted by young punks in a back alley in some shady part of Macomb, like….Shelby Twp.? I’ve always been fond of the double chicken wing. When you can eat and defend yourself at the same time, I’m down with that.

Are you an instructions manual reader or avoider? Reader and ignorer.

You were semi-instrumental in the founding of RemBrandt Deliveries, the cycling courier service in The Clem. Why did it fail? Other than poor ownership, limited financial support, lack of foresight, declining clientele, nonexistent advertisement, and no web presence, I don’t know why it failed.

You fashion yourself as a Survivor aficionado. If you were on the show surviving, who would be your best competition, but in the end would have their torch snuffed out by your brilliant tactics? My toughest competitors would be my bed and my refrigerator. Brilliance has nothing to do with it.

If you were the MCC (Metro Conference Czar) what four teams would you add?
Grand Valley State Lakers
Trinity Lutheran Cougars
Valley Lutheran Chargers
Shelby Lions (Because I want a piece of the “young punks” from Question #8)

What was the last song you sang to your children? In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

LEFT FIELD pop flies.
Soft serve or hand dipped ice cream? Soft Serve … I can eat it faster.
Romeo Plank or North Avenue? North Avenue … have you tried riding a bike on the shoulder of Romeo Plank?
WWF or WWE? Whichever one had King Kong Bundy
Jim Rome or Scott Ferrell? I’ll take the sarcastic one with the funny voice … Ephemeral, Shenanigan, Topography, Rice Crispy Treats

CD or MP3? CDs … more stable than the stock market
Rook or Horsie? Don’t you mean Knight?
Buffalo Wild Wings or Luigis in The Clem? BW3 … You can’t find Slagel, Wesley, and Murawski at Luigis 3 nights a week


aarong1204 said...
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aarong1204 said...

It's in-credible to see Caliendo's Jim Rome impersonation on this blog. I'ts been my favorite YouTube piece for a solid year now. Re-markable.

JBrandt said...


Ha. I crack myself up.