Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So What Should We Sing?

Let's examine the pudding for some proof.

Today I have chapel. I often hear young ones whine about the need for audience participation. I agree. However, my agreement will not take the form of tossing snacks into the crowd to reward correct answers, asking random questions about global issues or stating, "I said, 'Good morning'. I know it's Monday but let's try that again, 'Good MORNingggggggggg!'"

My idea of participation comes in the form of singing. What better participation could there be? So what do we sing? Since I'm a fan of clarity, I want to sing hymns that clearly and powerfully teach about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Melodic generalities that require assumptions and interpretations are dangerous. My rule is that if Oprah can sing it, I don't.

This is exactly why I'm using verse four of hymn 474 in the Lutheran Service Book, Alleluia! Jesus is Risen at the start of today's chapel.

"Weeping, be gone; Sorrow be silent; Death put asunder, and Easter is bright. Cherubim sing; "O grave, be open!" Clothe us in wonder, adorn us in light. Jesus is risen and we shall arise: give God the glory! Alleluia!"


NBeethe said...

That is a fantastic hymn stanza with fantastic imagery. What makes it even better is that it's objectively true, not merely a feeling. Excellent choice (for whatever my opinion is worth.)

Jeff DeSano said...

sing Hail to the Victors...we need all the help we can get; yet, I love our chances this weekend!

Go Blue!

JBrandt said...

Good to read your words again. Roberto's young sister is in expos and she promised not to bring in a video camera. I had to inform her about the sphere of knowledge. I'm surprised big brother didn't share that moment with his family. I went to the Miami game. It was a victory so I'll be happy with it. How's school?
Go Blue

Jeff DeSano said...

Schoool's going well..I guess...except, Saturdays are starting to take a toll on me along with Sundays...I can't stand watching terrible football execution. It just makes me sick. Anyways, I'm glad that Anna won't bring in a video camera because the siblings would jsut be trying to recapture the greatness of their oldest brothers. It would be like Gabe getting a picture of you from one of your children and placing it in her binder to show you everyday..let alone putting it on Hot or Not...opps!