Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Audacity of Those Who Foolishly Possess Hope

It's simply a ploy to stop the looming financial hemorrhaging. Fans think this will make a difference and the healing can begin.
The blood is pouring profusely from this franchise. Marranelli was Millen's boy. What Millen couldn't accomplish will never be accomplished with Marranelli. Ford believes this diversion will placate fan anger and provide hope in a dismal season.
It won't.


Mr. Sievert said...

Who is Millen?

Jeff DeSano said...

100% correct. Mr. Ford only cares about the bottom line staying in the black...He could care less about good quality football!

It makes no sense to fire Mr. Millen 3 weeks into the season. 3 months ago would have been better or 4 months from know when the Lions' players are watching 12 other teams play football in January...