Saturday, March 15, 2008

Easter Vacation To-Do List

1. Praise our Creator for the gift of grace he gave to everyone through Christ's death and resurrection. His is risen. He is risen! indeed! Alleluia!

2. Watch Lebron James play. Nothing better than a road trip to see Lebron in Cleveland and visit the school where I used to teach. It's the same high school that Mr. Felten attended as a youngster. Too young to attend school, while I was teaching at Lutheran West, I did teach his oldest brother. I also remember Mr. Felten running the Lutheran West hallways in a fashion similar to the Li'l Ebelettes.

3. Get some preliminary miles in on the bike. I'll ease into the season since I purposely tried not to ride during the winter.

4. Catch up on grading.

5. Usually I get excited about some new reads. This vacation I'm revisiting some old reads. Lately, I've been discouraged and frustrated with the attitude that Lutheran theology doesn't much matter. As long as we believe Christ died for our sins, any other beliefs, as different and contrary to scripture as they may be, are just fine. While I agree that it is only belief in Christ that matters for salvation, that doesn't mean salvation via baptism doesn't matter. It also doesn't mean that churches that believe it is not Christ's body and blood we receive at the Lord's Supper doesn't matter. It also doesn't mean that Christless videos and Christless works and Christless anythings do not matter. Christ must always remain at the center of our existence. There are two great reads that discuss this matter. Daniel Preus', Why I am a Lutheran, and Klemet Preus', The Fire and the Staff. I'll be rereading those to gain focus on what is important. I know this will aide my discouragement and help others see why Christ, and the cleansing righteousness we receive because of all he has done, must be the center of our lives.

6. Relaxingly drink coffee in the morning without rushing off to school.

7. Enjoy several relaxing meals at Luigi's, the finest eatery in The Clem.


D. Rohde said...

Apparently you have not had too many meals at Buffalo Wild Wings located at 48 Market Street in The Clem.

LadyRobin said...

BWW is overrated. And a chain.


aarong1204 said...

Nice photo of beloved Luigi's. I'm sure you took it with one thing in mind...the blog :)
Maybe I'll run into you at one of the finest eateries in Macomb County again. It's been a while since our last visit there...

Neat list of Easter to-dos!

I'll be back in blogosphere USA before too long...

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun. I just bought Why I Am a Lutheran myself, with the goal of reading it over Easter Break in mind.

JBrandt said...

Page 22 is one of the best pages and discusses the frustration I noted in the post. I've marked and used that page so often it's nearly ready to fall out. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

The Eblets had nothing on me! Little Billy Linn and I had the run of that place. Thanks, by the way, for not recounting the story of me getting a grade A whoopin at the faculty picnic for throwing rocks or some other similar transgression.