Friday, December 7, 2007

The Elusive Road Victory

With the Lady 'Stangs at 2-2, today we journey to Algonac and see if we can shed our Detroit Lions-esque similarity. We opened on the road against Fraser and played well, but not well enough. We had not scrimmaged anyone up to that point, so once we got by the jitters and figuring out who plays where and when, we settled down and were in a position to win. It didn't work out that way but we had our opportunities and that created optimistic confidence.
Our second road game was against Bishop Foley and we just look frustrated. We started out well and looked good in the first quarter. It was rough after that and we were 0-for the road.
So tonight we board the bus and head east in search of a our first road victory, which I'm quite confident will happen. Speaking of the bus ride...
Not much has changed since the old days. Oh, the green upholstery is now brown. Instead of the patch taping being two different colors of green, it's now two different shades of brown. However, the heating system must have been upgraded. I remember my feet being frozen stumps after just a forty-five minute ride. Now my tootsies have been toasty the entire trip. That effusive fuzziness may be challenged today, however because the temps have dropped since our last game.
So often 9th grade basketball finds itself at the bottom of the food chain. We use basketballs with no air, get shanked for court time and proudly wear the varsity handmedowns that junior varsity handed down to us. However, the 9th grade Lady 'Stangs ride in style on the way to games. One bus - one team. There is plenty of space to stretch my legs, go over the lineup and catch up on the latest issue of Higher Things or delve into the world of whatever I'm currently reading. Let the varsity have basketballs that bounce; we have a warm, capacious bus that I don't have to drive.
Now even that would make Ms. Frizzle envious. Post-game updates to follow. Until then, "Bus Driver, move that Algonac for our first, of many, road wins.

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