Saturday, December 8, 2007

The 4-Second Rule In Effect

As predicted, the Lady 'Stangs battled the Muskrats (Muskratettes?) of Algonac and walked off the court victorious with a 41-20 win, boosting our record to 3-2.
The highlight was our tip-off play. Our goal is to score within two seconds. It took us four. I'm still a happy coach. I'd diagram the play or discuss our tip-off philosophy, but word on Blog Boulevard is that 'Stang opponents are aware of the powerful team and are anonymously lurking in Blogville hoping to read some tidbits that will help them defeat the young powerhouse. I'll just say that as soon as we scored, I looked up and saw 7:56. It foreshadowed how well the 'Stangs would play that night.
However, the win was tarnished with my technical foul. To my players, I teach the need for control, modesty, humility, and poise. I can't spin a tale that justifies vulgarity or the lack of control. I can't spin a tale that explains why it's good to have veins popping out of my neck and forehead while screaming at the ref. I can't even describe the vociferous verbal offerings that reveal my superiority over the black and white striped adjudicators jogging on the court.
All I can say is...I forgot to enter one of my girls in the score book.
Bob Knight, forgive me.


Brandon B said...

No need to play like you are the calm, collected type. I member having to dodge a couple clipboards while sitting the bench back in the day.

The Commish said...

Coach, it sounds like you’re in a little bit denial! I’m sure the first tech that Rasheed got seemed trivial also!

A quick-tempered man does foolish things, and a crafty man is hated. Proverbs 14:17

Quite a ‘crafty’ excuse in blaming the scorekeeper!!! Are you sure that there isn’t more to the story?

Settle down…

JBrandt said...

Oddly enough, the scorekeeper was my wife. At the freshmen level, we need all the help we can get. Apparently, I need more.

The Commish said...

It's hard to fire a volunteer!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe what I just read. It has no literary merit.

I will be gracing you with my prescence sometime this week as well.

jon collar said...

To quote Tony Dungy "I hope that venting at the offical made you feel good at the time because it didnt fix anything." good luck on the rest of your season

jon collar said...

im sorry mr brandt your superior writing skills left me dazed and confused. I was under the impression that you were yelling at the offical.
But I just heard on the radio. Hannah Montana. January 11. Joe Luis Arena. Tickets on sale Saturday at noon. I'll try to get you some because I know that they're on your Christmas list.

MartyP said...

Let me just say thst picture is pretty cool. I believe he words about this in class, and I will say he same thing now as I did then: the fact that it is a muscrat ruins everything. I have no room to talk though as I flaunt my athletic achievements around by proudly wearing two medals that say "muscrat invitational" on them. We all have our faults I guess. I would even go as far as to say the muscrat is the worst mascot in the area...aside from the battling bathers of the clem that is.