Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Green-Eyed Monster

This week’s Caption Contest winner is Gladiator. The judges reminisced about their own agrarian background and instantly connected. They also favored the innate competitive vibe Gladiator referenced in his caption. We all looked with envy on the likes of Gladiator and his ilk. They would roll up the driveway on a wheeled contraption none of us could ever hope to possess. Outwardly, we were angry. Under the epidermal layer, however, we were thankful to see what we wanted and what we wanted to become. Here’s to you and your elitist kin, Gladiator. Thanks for helping us keep the dream alive!

1 comment:

The Commish said...

No sympathy votes for having a cluttered garage? Maybe my list of every possible wheeled kid vehicle imaginable was a little over the top, eh? Oh well, congrats Gladiator!