Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Reality of Unreality

It's beginning to sink in: summer is truly over. This isn't some extended daydream or hallucination. Really, it's over. I was in denial for awhile but my aching feet are yelping and telling me the summer of 2007 will not return.

Other reasons I know it won't return: poorly crafted essays that reveal more about what students don't know than what they do know, hearing about the 10:00 news highlights the next morning, students prematurely using the my-printer-broke-last-night-and-I-couldn't- finish-my-essay excuse, watching students deliver concise text messages in two minutes during study hall and then write a sloppy, all-over-the-place essay.

Feel free to add to the
I-Know-Summer's-Over-Because list...


D. Rohde said...

The boys from Florida are complaining it is cold, when they do not realize that clear blue skies and 65 is the perfect temperature for a morning ride or run.

D. Rohde said...

FYI... if you want to keep using words like "caustic quip" and "synactic barbs" which no normal person understands, I will start talking about the advantages and disadvantages of playing a Defensive Nose in a 1-tech, 2-tech, 2i-tech or even a 3-tech. Maybe we can discuss why cut coverages are more successful than a strait man coverage. The ball is in your court.

John Brandt said...

I'm not sure what's more amazing the fact that you can use numbers in ascending order, imbed compare/contrast strategies in your football language, use advanced abbreviations like "tech", convolute your metaphor with basketball terms while discussing football plays or inadvertently discuss waterways (strait) when your intent was to reveal the distance between two points. Truly, your deft use of syntactic linguistics is astounding.
Allow me to simplify the previous paragraph. Quit whining!

Timothy Finkelstein said...

I know summer is over because...
-Coffee intake has increased exponentially
-I'm lucky to get ten hours a week in on the carbon fiber steed
-I long for naps all day long
-random ticks fueled from administrative frustrations have returned
-I'm too tired to have any in depth conversations with anyone after I leave work
-My dreams contain nothing about my personal ineterests but rather a time to sub-consciously lesson plan
-I don't get to wear flip flops all day
-Breakfast is eaten in the car while dodging traffic rather than with my feet kicked up on my proch with the paper.

So are you interested in opening up that release on that frustration valve next week by going for a little spin at Stoney?

dirtdawg50k said...

I know summer is over because...

* The Fun Run Series has returned
* Agitated teenagers tell me where to go and what i can do to myself
* I mysteriously have begun shaking my head at things these agitated teenagers do as they remind me of my 3 year old and am in need of a chiropractic adjustment

John Brandt said...

I know summer is over because...
-Friday actually feels like the end of the week instead of just a day when the trash needs to be on the curb.
-Supervising school dances is now the pinnacle of my weekend. Ugh.