Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The First Shall Be Last

It was a Labor Day weekend of firsts. The first first is that I returned to the Big House to watch a football game. The last time I saw Michigan play football was when I was in college, had more hair, less wisdom and less girth.

The second first is that it was the first time Michigan...OR ANY OTHER DIVISION I football team lost to a Double A school. Losing to Appalachian State is like losing to Helen Keller Junior High School...and yet my beloved Wolverines found a way of doing just that. Ugh! However, it is in adversity that we discover strength. My resolve for U of M is even stronger.

The third first occurred this morning. I commuted into school for the first time this year. I was still settling into school last week so I opted for automotive transportation. This week I started with a calming AM commute. The sound of my breath in the dark morning is therapeutic.

The fourth first occurred three miles from school. My first flat of this season on my first commute! Classic. Fortunately, I left early enough and was able to change tubes and get to school in time. Despite the morning delay and the rude drives mocking me with their car horns, I did smirk knowing that I had blog fodder for the day.

Like Christmas dinner at my grandmother's, I can't wait for seconds.

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