Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Obese Female Crooning

The obese female certainly is crooning so it must be official: school is back in session. I always get to this point and appreciate the ten week vacation. There aren't many occupations that offer such a perk. At the same time there aren't many occupations that involve teenage angst, teenage vomit and teenage drama. Some days, if the stars align, all three experiences happen at once...and I wouldn't change my vocation for the world.

The journey begins with scintillating discussion of The Scarlet Letter and The Great Gatsby: a group of morally bankrupt people searching for a healing that continues to elude them. The connections to 2007 are too obvious not to be drawn into the pathetic lives of these characters.

After 22 years of English 10, I discarded the sophomoric bunch and embraced the youthful Mustangs of English 9. Their wide-eyed perspective is refreshing. The cynicism that adulterates upper classmen doesn't exist. It's easy to feed of their energy and enthusiasm for high school. In fact it's fairly simple to take their happy-to-be-in-high-school energy and use it to create excitement in the learning and inquiry process. Sure, some days there may be more concern for the color of powder-puff t-shirts but that's my opportunity to discuss "The Scarlet Ibis", "The Red-headed League" or some other short story with pigment references.

Since school is back in session, that must mean that Michigan football can't be far behind. Go Blue! Thanks to a generous parent, I'll be watching my beloved Wolverines crush Appalachian State. Never heard of the Mountaineers? It matters not. I'll be there basking in the sun, a victory and what WILL be the beginning steps toward a national title. Hey, if Jay Gatsby can have his American dream, I can have mind.

Well, the bell is about to ring and it's time to prepare for a discussion that posits Hawthorne's use of female protagonist to reveal male weakness. Ahhhhhh, I love this job the Lord has blessed me with.


Kevin said...

Michigan, national championship - not after November 17.

D. Rohde said...

Hmmmm... is it me or do your feet look ERECT?