Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Reasons for attending church

Rereading a novel is an enjoyable experience.  As an English teacher I've reread plenty of novels and always find an interesting point I previously missed.  I find a different application for the students in my classroom or I have a better understanding of why a character did or said something.  Can you really understand how Nick Carraway is just like the rest of those live-in-the-past characters from your first literary encounter with The Great Gatsby ?
I recently reread Rev. Voltattorni's post "When Is It Time To Find Another Church?" 

Here is just one of the insightful points he made:

God's Church was never intended to impress the culture with its whistles and bells and yuppie foo-foo-ness.  You go to church NOT for an emotionally uplifting experience!  You go for the forgiveness of your sins in Word and Sacrament!  You go to be crushed by the law that calls you "Sinner!" and then receive the Grace of God, which is only found in His Word and Sacrament.  That is what the church should be selling... except they're not selling it, it's free and undeserved, but essential.

So what is the fundamental reason your church gives for attending worship?  The question is important, the answer evermore so. 

Read and maybe even reread the entire post


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