Thursday, June 14, 2012

Five retorts I'd love to make while cycling but won't... because in the hurly-burly battle of auto vs. bike - auto is undefeated

  1. It’s legal to ride this bike on the road so until you truly know “What Every Driver Must Know” focus more on the road.
  2. So I guess that Rebel flag sticker on the back window of your truck makes you more intelligent than a guy riding a bike.
  3. Isn't it funny how you stomped on the accelerator and cut me off back there, endangering everything from other drivers to small woodland creatures, and now both of us are waiting at the same red light?
  4. Oh, I’d ride on the sidewalk if self-absorbed drivers like you would look there before rolling your four-wheeled death-cocoon into my path.
  5. Truly, it’s amazing how you can dangle that lung-dart from your lips, yap on your cell and yell at me for being on the road all at the same time.  I bow down to you, King of Narcissus.

As the title indicates, I’d love to respond with any of these caustic quips. However, because I’m on the road, while on a bike, while wearing a plastic helmet, I’ll take the high – and safe- road and say nothing.

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D.J.Rohde said...

I got into it with a guy walking his dog yesterday while I was on the bike path. He was walking on my side of the path. I "politely" told him he was on the wrong side. He "politely" told me to slow down.

Another coach that I sometimes ride with was yelled at yesterday by a 50ish women in her convertible that he needed to get off the road. When he caught up to her at the stop light he "politely" explained he is riding a road bike that is meant to be ridden on the road. She explained that she was concerned about his safety.