Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Year: New Names: Same Plays

The Lutheran North Freshmen Fillies kick off the season with a road game against the Capac Chiefs on Monday, December 5 at 4:30.  If you are thinking about hopping on the fan bus, hesitate no longer.  The only experience worse than missing your chance to see the Fillies play, is watching the NBA.
Fillies hoops is exciting because as soon as the corral gates open the stampede begins: shooting, rebounding, defending, running.  I want to provide an entertaining opportunity for Freshmen Filly fans.

One way I've tried to make Filly hoops exciting is to use themes for our plays.  Three years ago all our plays were named after famous cyclists: Merckx, Indurain, Roll.  Craving a more local flavor, the following year I named our plays after famous American cyclists: Hincapie, Hamilton, Armstrong, Finkel.  Never heard of that last one?  Look for the name atop the 2011 IceMan Singlespeed 39 & Under column.  Exactly.  He bested all competitors in one hour and forty-six minutes.  Most people take more time than that just cleaning out their gutters.
Last year I followed the political frenzy and named our plays after conservative Republicans: Boehner, Palin, Rubio, Ryan.  During a scrimmage one opposing coach asked me about the names.  He responded with a play called Obama.  It failed. #obvious

This year I'm still using the same plays but the theme is confessional Lutherans: Luther, Walther, Melancthon, Wilken, SchwarzBorghardt, Harrison and Bakker.   The Fillies like to run, defend, run, press and run some more.  Taking a suggestion from my colleague, Mark Felten, I named our press Gutenberg.  Ahhhh, the Gutenberg press.  Classic. I don't have all the plays in so if you have a suggestion, send it my way.  Serious suggestions only please.  I have no time for Bell, Warren, Moore or Osteen.  The theme is confessional Lutherans, not false prophets.

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Pastor Bakker said...

Thank you! This is flattering and fun! Hope the team has great success honoring confessional Lutherans...of course, if the plays do not live up to expectation, you will see that the theology of the cross permeates us! :-)