Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Teacher as scavenger

All good teachers are excellent scavengers.  They are always on the lookout for ideas, articles, activities and challenging/rigorous/engaging approaches to education they can use in class.  Recently, I came across an excellent blog post on Reverend. Anthony R. Voltattorni's blog, We Are All Beggars.  Rev. Voltattorni's compare/contrast discussion of the Divine Service with the new Mac Operating System Lion will be a part of my expository writing class this year for two reasons:
Reason One:  The compare/contrast technique is the go-to tool in the writer's toolbox.
Reason Two: My high school students need to hear the truth about what the Divine Service offers all sinners.  Here are couple of snippets from the blog post.
  • "In the Divine Service God serves us. He delivers to us salvation, life everlasting, the forgiveness of sins through the Word, spoken by the Pastor, combined with water, bread, and wine… and it cannot be improved upon."
  • In the Divine Service "Christ gives to you forgiveness and life and salvation that is perfectly delivered to our imperfection."
  • "It means that in an ever changing world of the latest and greatest, you have the comfort of knowing that the forgiveness delivered in Word and Sacrament requires no innovation, no advancement, no improvement.  It's perfect worship every time because it's God's service to you."
Read the entire post when you get a chance or enroll in my expository writing class at Lutheran North.  It will be a part of my first unit.

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