Monday, January 25, 2010

Regina Revisited

So our last game with Regina didn't go all that well. After they drained a half-court heave at the end of the 2nd quarter we were down by 8. However, the Fillies charged back and outscored Regina 8-0 in the third quarter. We even had a three point lead but it was for naught. I've had January 26 circled on my calendar for some time.
Regina will be coming to the corral Tuesday and the Fillies are ready. Not only will Regina have to deal with the revenge factor but it's also Throwback Night. The varsity team will be wearing old brown and yellow uniforms. Ahhhh, brown and gold. It was more like caramel and yellow. With all the complaining I heard about those colors it's ironic that the girls are using them as a way to boost fan energy and team support. I'll be sporting the old brown and gold polyester warmups my jv boys' team wore...years ago. Now that's a good look.


Andrew said...

GREAT new profile pic, Mr. Brandt!

Anonymous said...

Hey, looking back, the brown and gold colors weren't so bad. Many fond memories were created in those old toilet bowl colors. I remember those nasty polyester gym uniforms; the feel was definitely worse than the look of those colors. Those funny memories aren't as crappy as those colors. And yes, the pun was intended...;-)