Friday, October 30, 2009

My next read:

Quarter one is nearing its end and the mounting pile of essays, papers and tests needs my immediate attention. However, before I scale that mountain I need to get a copy of my next read. While attending a conference on Thursday I heard Anthony Muhammad speak about transforming school culture. Dr. Muhammad presented some interesting material that needs more absorption time.
I'm not sure I'll be able to read it during Thanksgiving vacation, perhaps Christmas vacation will give me more time. However, at some point I'd like to take a closer look at what Dr. Muhammad presented. He doesn't simply point out the challenges in education, he also presents solutions. That's what we need: solutions. It will be an interesting read...when I actually get a chance to read it. How many days until summer vacation?

What's in the blog hopper?

The MANS conference is a gathering of non-public schools. This year it's held in Detroit at Cobo Hall. I was hoping I would bump into Kwame on Thursday during his return to Detroit where he stated he did not know if his wife had a job in the past year. Really? I didn't bump into Kwami, his wife's employer or any of his Texas security thugs. However, I did stroll around the hallways of Cobo. There has been much hubub about this place. The North American International Auto Show threatened to accelerate past Detroit for another venue. Is Cobo in such paltry condition that The NAIA would really go somewhere else?

With camera in hand, I'm about to find out.

Hopefully, I can get this story together quickly so A-Flu doesn't scoop me on this post.


Andrew Fluegge said...

it's a start- just proves i can post. more to come after our first flag football victory this wednesday.

JBrandt said...
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JBrandt said...

It proves you can copy/paste. Posting involves the A-Flu I remember from high school: thoughtful, reflective and always good with a pen.

RIP said...

Kwame... what a expensive joke he is!