Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Share your toys...and your teachers?

I’ll craft this in serial format as time allows.

Part One:
Theoretically, the teacher sharing is a good concept. Public school teachers who need a job can get one in a parochial and/or private school. The public school district uses its pay scale to pay the teacher’s salary and benefits. In return, the public school adds the parochial and/or private school’s enrollment to its total enrollment. Public school funding, based on a larger enrollment, allows public schools access to more money for its students. Shared teachers can be used in non-core classes like art, music, physical education, consumer science, honors and AP courses. The parochial and/or private school doesn’t pay one cent of the public school teacher’s salary.

Hmmmm, so far so good?


Sean said...

Depends on the demands placed on the teacher. If the trade is literally salary/benefits for a "larger enrollment", seems like a good deal for the teachers.

Then again, will he or she be more loyal to the hand that feeds?

I'm a little unclear too. Does the "shared" teacher teach in both places, or just in the private?

JBrandt said...

The teacher only teaches at the parochial school. Part two will be published later today...if time permits. Homecoming week is spirited and quite busy.