Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kentucky Bluegrass is not Arsenic

Dead leaf bits. Arsenic. Grass clippings. Ebola virus.
What do all these have in common with each other? Your knee jerk reaction might be nothing. Arsenic and grass clippings couldn’t possibly be related. However, based on the motorized, gas combustion noise makers in my neighborhood, you would think leaf bits possess the same toxic properties. Why else do people spend hours blowing nature’s refuse, grass clippings and dirt off the road or sidewalk?
It’s dirt.
I like a well-manicured lawn. Dark rows of freshly-edged lawns lining the sidewalk show owners care. Mowed lawns are fragrant and visually pleasing.
"We both looked at the grass—there was a sharp line where my ragged lawn ended and the darker, well-kept expanse of his began." -from Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, arguably my favorite novel.
While the strident cacophony of motorized lawn implements proves the industrial revolution was effective, it does nothing for a peaceful summer night. People need to heed Mary Shelly’s advice. She vilified Victor Frankenstein for transcending the moral boundaries of nature. Victor’s life and family were decimated because of his hubris. An August 1, 2009, translation is that just because Wal*Mart is offering the technologically superior edger/mower/trimmer/nose-wiper at a 30% discount in aisle 3, doesn’t mean you should ruin the auditory euphoria in your neighborhood.

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