Tuesday, March 24, 2009


He's Joe College by day and AFlu by night. Yes, Left Field welcomes Andrew Fluegge.

Michigan’s performance in round one of the NCAA was like…
Michigan’s performance in the 1st round of the NCAA was like the now defunct LHN Mixer: nervous, under the radar, and wildly successful, yet most importantly…not happening again next year.
Michigan’s performance in the 2nd round of the NCAA was like the Homecoming dance: over-marketed, over-hyped, and severely disappointing; not to mention the referees made more calls than our walkie-talkie toting faculty.

How is the Wolverine food compared to the nutritious delicacies proffered at LHN? The University’s dining halls sport some of the most extensive international cuisine I have ever encountered. Unfortunately, I chose not to purchase a meal plan. So, most of my cooking involves a pot, boiled water, Spongebob noodles, and artificial powdered cheese mix; I guess anything is better than burrito day at the Mustang CafĂ© though.

What has been the most amusing statement uttered in class by professor or student? I don’t go to class, so I wouldn’t know.

The UofM campus is not noted for its conservative beliefs. Have there been any verbal-altercations? Just recently there was a parade of students using the tragic death of the Grand Valley student as a cheap medium for the legalization of marijuana. I couldn’t think of anything to clever say, so I went home and watched FOXNews. (Clarification: The young man was shot by police but did not die)

Please finish the following simile. Living with Chuck is like ________________.
Living with Chuck is like the voluminous $5 DVD bin at Wal-Mart: Disheveled, chaotic, and just generally peculiar, but if you keep digging around, a special treasure is uncovered, and that prospect always keeps you going back for more.

Bloggers across the nation are concerned. Do you have writer’s block or did you once again forget your password AND username? Just keeping everyone honest. Always be on the lookout. Plus, I sincerely want to get back into blogging.

What consumes more of your college life, writing papers or reading material for class so that you can write papers? The volume of reading material is much greater now than in high school, so reading takes up more of my time. Writing the papers is extremely important too, however. Whatever the case may be, be assured that I haven’t started until the day before it is due.

The LHN AP. Lit cronies are about to begin the epic Beowulf journey. Any advice?
Beowulf can be included in my all-time favorites from AP Literature. A few pieces of advice: Don’t be discouraged, be on the lookout for the lyrical translation, it’s a lot better than you might think- a totally different type of literature. I’m going to be selfless and not spoil anything, but stick with your gut when it comes to Beowulf’s characterization. Don’t let Mr. Brandt’s fence-sitting, selfish tactics change your mind.

Left Field Pop Flies:

Maize or Blue? Maize- an arrogant shade of yellow.
Louisville or Memphis? Louisville. Rick Pitino, enough said.
Bracketology or Marine Biology? Bracketology- imagine Dickie V, Save the Manatees, baby! I don’t think so…
Black Hole or Maize Rage? Surprisingly, the Black Hole. Check with Mr. Dumar, but it is impossible to directly observe a black hole, something Lutheran North is currently experiencing. In its prime, though, it was incredible. I’ve never been to the Maize Rage. I am a poor fan.
Forcier or Sheridan? 2010 commit from Inkster: 6’4, 200 lb., Dual-threat: Devin Gardner. Or Manny Harris.

English video projects or papers? Video projects gave me direct access to bagging big cookies and skipping class at will, because I had a video camera. Papers were more intellectually stimulating, interesting, and useful. I’ll go with papers, have to grow up sometime.


Anonymous said...

Well, at least I know the blog-deserter is still alive.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday !!

Blog on... I enjoy the read.

JBrandt said...

Thanks for the birthday greetings. What are the odds your basketball team will finish what the football team couldn't?

Julianne said...

I may have made a combined Obama/Walmart reference in my latest MR piece....I attribute all success to Fluegge.