Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Footloose, Freelancing and Failing the Young

Word on Blogger Boulevard is that some took exception to the answers that A,B,C,D and E gave during the most recent Left Field interview. Readers of The Clem: The Blog: The Truth have made promises to post their concerns. Some apprehension may be pedagogical in nature; some may believe those previously interviewed on Left Field have been besmirched with these fictitious characters. To the latter, I'm waiting for posted comments. To the former, I ask you to read Julie Mack's recent article in the Gazette published on

"It's about teaching to a standard and if you're not teaching to a standard, then what are you doing? You're just freelancing."
Michael Rice - Superintendent of Kalamazoo Public Schools


Andrew Fluegge said...

Like Rihanna says: "Ain't got no time for no haters." I'm surprised people would review the post with indignant blather. I enjoyed the multiple choice Left Field, it was a very creative, expressive piece. I was especially satisfied with one of the final lines: "Remember this because it will be on the test." It discretely relayed the underlying problem with Scorntron tests, from the choices themselves.

So many posts in the past few days! I have to catch up with reading, and compete by posting soon! How did Twilight go?

JBrandt said...

Andrew, because you picked up on the covertly constructed criticism, I will not be upset with you attempt to sully the integrity of this post by quoting Rihanna. I can't even pretend to know who/what that is.
Twilight went as expected. The first twenty pages was like a dentist visit without the Novocain: brutal. At that point I chucked that book out of my literary existence. I did finish the Shak and this weekend I will craft the review. I meant to write it last night but I had to watch the Gators. Was there a BCS bash at the place?
I'll be looking forward to your first post of '09. I just hope it will actually be in '09.

Andrew Fluegge said...

It's already in the works. Actually I have multiple thoughts brewing. Some are brief, some are a little more formal. You'll see them soon, be on the lookout.

JBrandt said...

"Be on the lookout" during this decade or the next?

Anonymous said...

the next