Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Where Are They Now?

Nearly one year later, their former English teacher wonders how they have impacted 2008 with their scintillating literary brilliance. Provide Blog Nation with your writing experiences by offering an explanation.


Aaron Brandt said...

mmm, 3rd hour Expos. Note Andrew Fluegge when he used to actually write more than once every six months. Now his literary work is ironically pictured on the chocolate milk cartons we used to consume in this class, followed by the words, "Have you seen me?" RIP 3rd Hour. RIP Chocolate milk-balloon parties. RIP Letters to the Editor, 100 Macomb Daily Dr., Mount Clemens, MI 48043. You will be missed.

Julianne said...

Letters to the Editor=one of my favorite parts of Expos

Andrew Fluegge said...

Since there are only a few members of the picture represented in BlogNation, I'll take it upon myself to make some where-are-they-now predictions for a few members of the grand old class we knew as "Expos."

Megan Niemasz- Megan is currently laughing. I don't know where or why, but history has shown she is probably laughing. If she isn't laughing, she is sleeping, or scolding Mr. Brandt.

Angela Brouckaert- Angela is currently in line for next year's Twilight Film, while brushing up on her singing and choreography for a High School Musical reprise.

MitchMastr- "no 'e,' dawg"

Aaron Brandt- Aaron has been receiving lessons from Pastor Joshua Ball. Not just in Lutheran Doctrine, but also honing just how to exasperate...others, with a smooth demeanor and a snide grin.

Schilling- I don't remember Schilling being in our class; I feel like he just snuck into the picture?

Allison Yore- Allison is still championing the cause for a Coffeeshop where Mr. Frietag used to consider books sacred.


And as for me, I'm still doing my own thing. Papers at 6am, Letters to the Editor in between 2nd and 3rd Hour, and helping my man Chuk with any spelling question he has. Life was good in 2007, new in 2008, can't wait for 2009. Merry Christmas. Keep smiling.

JBrandt said...

Schilling? He's not in the picture. What time were you typing your entry, Andrew? Did you mistanke Chris Gerhart for Schilling?

Merry Christmas

Andrew Fluegge said...

OH NO. i see it is not schilling now with a better look. It's Mr. Joe Schwark, but looked like Schilling to me for some reason. At any rate, Merry Christmas Mr. Brandt!