Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Livin' The Dream: Hoops Day One

As of yesterday, I am in serious time management mode. No longer do I possess the leisure time needed for lengthy, witty, soul-searching and life-affirming blog posts. Cry not for me, Blog Nation. Basketball started yesterday and this may be as close to heaven as I get on this earth. We are committed to running, defending and shooting quickly and often. The way I figure it, the more we shoot the more rebounds for our teammates. Kyle Simmons, Class of '95, made sure his low post chum, Kevin Murawski got PLENTY of rebounding opportunities.

Freshmen hoops day one may be but the dawn rises on what promises to be a glorious hoops season.


Kevin said...

Yes, he did shoot a lot. But I have to think most people that watched us play would say that my missed two footers accounted for a higher percentage of my rebounds.

Good luck coach!

JBrandt said...

E-mail me Kyle's e-mail address. Weeds are starting to grow in left field and I need him to pick them or trample them down.

Julianne said...

I hope the mustangs have a great season!