Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Saginaw, Cold Water & Nolan Finley

"America risks its
if it tells folks... to stop reaching for their own reward and
instead pick the pockets of those who've already made it."

This quote came from Nolan Finley's most recent column in the Detroit News.

STOP and read the column and then watch Obama's recent comments to a worker concerned that Obama's plan to "spread the wealth" takes away from what this man earned.

View the video containing Obama's "spread the wealth" comment here.

Growing up in Saginaw was the best experience I could have had. The Lord made sure I noticed how hard my mom worked to feed and clothe her children. He made sure I understood why my mom was mad if, at the end of a long work day, there wasn't a pitcher of cold water in the refrigerator for her. She didn't want a daiquiri, a martini or t-bone steaks sizzling on a stainless steel grill the size of any SUV you see lined up at gas stations. A monstrosity like that took money she would rather spend on our clothing, food and my high school tuition to Valley Lutheran High School.

She wanted cold water from the refrigerator. She worked hard. She deserved cold water from the refrigerator. I took in all those lessons of self-sacrifice and vowed to graduate from high school, graduate from college, become a teacher, raise a family and work just as hard so my children could learn the lessons of my hard work and do the same for their families. And that's why Finley's column is spot on. It's also what irks me about Obama's answer to the man in the video. People need to work hard for their earnings, be smart with their money and live within their means. Many haven't and this economic debacle proves it.
Even the fictional, disfunctional Jay Gatsby understood what Obama does not. While Jay was a boy, "A universe of ineffable gaudiness spun itself out in his brain while the clock ticked on the wash-stand and the moon soaked with with light his tangled clothes upon the floor." He knew that if he would ever obtain his American dream he would have to work for it.

My mom worked for it. I work for it. Obama,however, believes that spreading the wealth around is more important than earning it.

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Julianne said...

While Obama portrays his plan as something that will benefit the "middle class," he fails to mention that his plan will most likely tax their investments and dividends more harshly. So, really his plan won't be very beneficial to America. Why should success be taken away from the people that earn it?