Monday, October 13, 2008


Going way back in LEFT FIELD this week gives us Dan Sievert. Dan used to teach boys’ P.E., choir and coached soccer and golf. Join us for a trip to LEFT FIELD.

When last we saw you, your responsibilities included teaching boys PE,
directing choir and coaching soccer. What are you doing now?
I now serve as Principal of Trinity Lutheran High School, teach a summer physical education class, coach boy's soccer and shepherd the world-renown Trinity chess club.

Do you take some ribbing for living in a place called Seymour (pronounced see-more). Seriously...Do you take some ribbing from living in The Clem?

Word on the street is that you spend a lot of time in the Sonic drive thru. Their bacon cheeseburger is addictive. I find myself inventing errands that require me to hit that area of town. You just can't beat the taste, not to mention the roller skate delivery method.

Describe a notable difference between Indiana high schoolers and Michigan high schoolers.
I was warned before coming to Indiana that basketball was king, but it didn't sink in until I arrived. When they built Trinity's building, the gym was the focus. We get anywhere from 700-900 fans for our games, and that is for a school of 115. We play French Lick (Larry Bird) and Milan (the team from Hoosiers) and the tradition here is amazing. We also have many more tractors. Reminder - this Friday is harvest day sponsored by the FFA - drive your tractors to school!(see pics next week on our website) Other than that, the kids are the same, except, of course, the chess club talent level.

Any thoughts on the Kwami debacle? On the record? No.

Mr. Rochlitz heard you are once again coaching varsity boys' soccer. In a battle-extraordinaire, could the Cougars take the Mustangs? I would like to see that match up. If the ‘Stangs are still as tough as when I was there it would be a good game. Perhaps Coach Rochlitz and I could work something out....loser pays for bussing? I definitely miss those long playoff runs at North. Unlucky for us, and due to this being a basketball focused state, there is only one class for
playoffs in soccer. Wouldn't you know it...we drew Columbus North in the first round. They have 2700 kids at their school and are ranked 4th in state. We went and watched them play last week...think Country Day plus De LaSalle plus Trinity times Bishop Foley. It will be an fun experience playing against a team that has six division one recruits...

Your family has doubled since your Michigan days. What's the 411 on the family? Amy stays at home trains up the kids (without the need of a village) - 4.87 year old Nathan and 1.12 year old Holly. Holly spends her days putting everything in her mouth and filling those diapers. Nathan was recently introduced to the original star wars trilogy, minus the scary parts which I skipped...snake in trash compactor, Luke losing his arm, Darth Vader's bald head, etc. Yes, we bought the fake light saber. Yes, Nathan uses it on Holly.

While teaching at Lutheran North, you lived in Armada. Explain yourself. Another class warfare comment. Please get The Clem chip off your shoulder. Achatz pies rule!

You gave some memorable chapels at Lutheran North. Honesty is a virtue in LEFT FIELD. Have you re-used any chapels? I have reused them all, with the exception of the wallet toss chapel. No one could ever replace your brazen and bossy voice-over.

Teachers often wonder what it would be like to be an administrator. What part of administration took you by surprise? The number of hours spent in meetings. I am learning to say no, though. I've dropped out of three local chamber of commerce groups and started delegating some duties to capable people. The key here is that the teachers are awesome. For the size, this school has a plethora of opportunities for kids, including a local chapter of KABIBS (Kids against bikers in bike shorts).

Every successful administrator, has a world-class secretary. Describe a time your secretary bailed you out of a predicament. She doesn't bail me out as much as prevent predicaments. She is awesome...filters my mail like a hawk, does all the state reporting, orders lunches for the students, shows salesmen the door...

You extended an online chess tournament invitation to Pastor Ball, former LHN Chess Club Czar, but he declined to compete against the cougars. Do you think Pastor Ball finally met his match? (pun intended) The success of Trinity's chess team has come with consequences. No one will agree to sit across the boards with us. We now spend most of our chess club time playing each other, eating doughnuts, and discussing the ramifications of the disputed match between Vladimir Kramnik and Veselin Topalov in 2006.

Johnny Cougar Mellencamp is from Seymour. You are a music guy. Have you collaborated on a musical medley? He hasn't sought me out yet... If it's worth anything, our girls' tennis team practices on the court at his parents' house a mile from school. He is there sometimes, and asks about me, but we haven't been able to hook up yet.

Left Field Pop Flies:
Oil-based or latex paint? Latex. Cheaper, better.
Honda or Toyota? Honda rules.
Cloth or disposable diapers? Wow. A question straight out of The Clem.
Hoosier or Wolverine? Hoosierine.
Reggie Miller or Rasheed Wallace? Rasheed baby!
Lions or Colts? Peyton baby!Cheeseburger or Listerine mouthwash? Bacon Cheeseburger.


NBeethe said...

Great post! And great to hear how he's doing.

Anonymous said...

Next week on the "Left Field", quarterback Aaron Opelt.

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Second Place = First Loser

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Margaret Kienman said...

This is great! Mr Sievert was an awesome choir director, its nice to hear how he's doing! (Even if I am reading this 6 years later :p ) - Maggie