Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Welcome to LEFT FIELD. No, this isn't where fly balls go to die. I don't have time for mindless cliches. LEFT FIELD is a Q/A session with notables from around the globe. Questions are pitched and answers are....
See, this whole baseball analogy idea is dangerous. Simply put, we at The Blog: The Clem: The Truth strive to inform this blogging audience of pertinent information - thus LEFT FIELD.

Still confused? Read on and enjoy the first installment of LEFT FIELD.

He left the secure confines of The Clem for western paradise in Allendale, Michigan. LEFT FIELD chronicles the adventure that is Grand Valley State University as captured by Aaron Brandt.
So you have an actual oven in your dorm room. How’s that working out for you?
The oven is great. It really offers us an opportunity to show this town some real east-side cookin, with classic regional dishes such as Easy Bake cookies, Campbell's Chunky Soup, and pancakes.

Is there anything you miss about the LHN dress code? I miss nothing about the dress code. It was poorly enforced and inconsistent. Now, I can go to class in a robe, and people will think nothing of it. In fact, the only time people do take notice is when someone dresses up. Basically if I wore anything within the LHN dress code, people would think I was a preppy, pretty boy that is trying too hard. And I like sweatpants.

College campuses are known for being bastions of liberalism. Does your college experience support or refute that concept? GVSU is not as liberal as most campuses. I think the west side of the state is more conservative anyway. And generally, liberals are louder than conservatives. If you don't have good facts, I guess the best defense would be to yell the loudest MCCAIN IS RACIST AND OLD!

You were instrumental in The Black Hole last year. How would you gauge the GVSU fan base?The fan base is certainly better than LHN ever was. People actually care about their school. And get this, the student section watches the games! The only problem would be that GVSU is so good at every single sport, no games are close. It's hard to get pumped for a game against Michigan Tech, when we are winning by 6 TD's after the first quarter.

What high school experiences helped you cope with college life? When Mr. Slagel told me not to sign up for any credit cards, even if they had free stuff.

College food you can’t get enough of? I would say it is the soft serve ice cream machine. This horrid contraption has doomed me to obesity and diabetes. There are three flavors available: chocolate, vanilla, and a mix of both. Then there is chocolate syrup, caramel syrup and numerous toppings including Butterfinger, Snickers, Heath, sprinkles, nuts, and Oreo. It is basically the worst possible item of food, and it is all you can eat.

College food you hope to never see again? One time, they had tofu burgers. Enough said.

Some parents are concerned there is too much free time with the college life. Can you alleviate those concerns for any parents who might be reading? Well, there is only too much free time if you let it happen. There is plenty of studying to do to pass the time.

One thing you did today that’s helping you avoid the “Freshman 15”. Today I climbed down from my bunk on my ladder as opposed to jumping. Also, I got milk instead of pop for lunch.

Explain any way, shape or form that LHN successfully prepared you for college? Being a student at North helps me every day when I order food. I am now used to complicated menus full of item that are included in the meal, and items that are extra. Unlike many students who had the easy lunch life, I know how to deal with meal-plan adversity.

What teacher phrase do you miss not hearing on a consistent basis? It isn't a phrase, but Mr. Slagel's fist-pound was the highlight of my day in high school. Nothing says, “dude, I got your back” like a fist pound.

What has been a pleasant surprise? A pleasant surprise has been seeing an unknown screen name in my buddy list on instant messenger for the past 7 years and discovering that Hail2theVictrs28 lives 5 rooms down from me on my floor.
LEFT FIELD pop flies
Ramen noodles or cafeteria food?

Cafeteria food. Yes, we do have 34 packages of chicken and beef Ramen in our room, but seriously, who eats that stuff?
Breakfast or sleep? Both. I sleep, wake up and eat breakfast.
On campus or off campus church? Off campus. I'm not into sing-alongs.
Alarm clock or roommate’s loud A.M. Bumblings? Alarm clock. My roommate doesn't have classes until the afternoon, so I am up first.
Obama or McCain? McCain. Because he isn't Obama.
Cafeteria pizza or delivery? Delivery. The cafeteria (Fresh Foods) thinks pizza is dough and ketchup.


Steve-O said...

That 'a boy Aaron, don't fall for the "free stuff" at college. Not until you are READY to handle the financial responsibility of a credit card should you get one. I like that you paid attention to the things I said in class and not be like these "sheep" errrrr college freshman, who fall for the free T-shirt and/or pen everytime.

(fist pound)!

Anonymous said...

I like Left Field. Perhaps you could use it to bring back straying bloggers who have abandoned their lil' chunk of the world wide web...

Anonymous said...

Haha this is great!

Andrew Fluegge said...

i agree with josh evans.

JBrandt said...

Why didn't you sign your comment...



Julianne said...

Look who's come out of the!

JBrandt said...

Once again, my belief is the young man lost his password and can't admit it. I'm sure he's crafted another blog under an alias and has been up in the early a.m. collegiate hours studying...and blogging. Hmmmm, maybe I'll run a contest guessing at his blogging identity.

Julianne said...

There definitely needs to be a contest