Wednesday, October 8, 2008

...from the Curmudgeon Files

This proves I'm just an old curmudgeon. I, however, embrace my curmudgeonosity with great zeal. Why do some high school athletic teams think they are more important than our great country's anthem? Allow me to set the stage...

Parents, friends and various family members have found their way into the gym for the night's event. The event could be basketball, volleyball, badminton; it matters not. Warm-ups are over and palms are sweaty with excitement, anxiety and the opportunity to compete. Seasoned indoor observers snabbed the top row of bleachers because it alleviates back pain. Youngsters who still possess flexibility and zest sit closer to their team or friends or concession table or that hunk-a, hunk-a someone they have been eyeballing for forever...or at least since sixth hour.

Mr. GoldenTones asks the crowd to stand in honor of our nation for the playing of the National Anthem. Curmudgeon Alert! At some point the row of athletes begin swinging their arms in unison, or leaning back and forth or left and right or demonstrate some movement best saved for Dancing with the Stars.
The narrow-minded, visionless, dependent-on-others-for-independent-thought people respond with the It's-showing-team-unity cliche. That's not the place for team unity. It's the place for deference to our nation. Now I'm not sure why we have selected to play the anthem before athletic events but I'm not going to besmirch the opportunity with actions that place the focus on me and not the flag.

Hey look at us we can swing our arms together!
Yahoo, we can sway left and right in perfect rhythm to this song!
Huzzah, we can make fake cymbal sounds so people will chuckle at our narcissistic actions!
Yippeeeee! Look at us! Look at us! Look at us! ....while this nation's anthem is being played.

Unfortunately, the gospel of me is too prevalent today. Pay respect during the anthem and then play ball.

Curmudgeonly yours,
J. Brandt


Kevin said...

Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today! I will certainly be on my best behavior when I see you roll out your La-Z-Boy to stand guard at basketball games this year.

Julianne said...

Good point, I absolutely agree.

aarong1204 said...

If the point of this blog was for every reader to "curmudgeon", you got me.

Was this the launch pad for an AP English icebreaker of "What's your favorite word?"?

JBrandt said...

Aaron, I learned "curmudgeon" years ago. You, of all people should know of this term. After all, you've spent time with Ed Bruley so I know, you know the word.

Aaron Brandt said...

If Ed Bruley is elected, I'm moving to Canada.

Evie said...

Look at, it's friendlier than most other sites and have original features.