Monday, September 29, 2008

QOTW: September 29

God's Holy Word excluded, What's the best book you've ever read?
I know this is akin to dumping 5,000 different crayons in front of a four-year-old and demanding the youngster pick his favorite color. Junior experiences sensory overload of titanic preparations that the ensuing meltdown only allows him to work the drive-thru window at Dunkin' Donuts. It's not a bad job because 23% of the time he gives you exactly what you ordered.

Best book is defined as "best book in that category."

Book 39 in the Hardy Boys saga, Myster of the Chinese Junk. You might not have scintillating marathon sessions about the innate symbolism found in the meaning of the work. You might not even like it, but it's a favorite of mine because A) the Hardy boys solve the crime. B) it reminds me of camping with my son, C) Chet and his jalopy made a command performance. Mystery of the Chinese Junk is one of my favorites not because of it possesses great literary merit, but because it reminds me of good days gone by.

What book takes you back in time?


Anonymous said...

"It's not a bad job because 23% of the time he gives you exactly what you ordered."

Do I sense some resentment to your local Dunkin Donuts employees?

That aside, perhaps my favorite book in this nostalgic category is my favorite bedtime story as a lil' tyke, "Goodnight Moon." Again, not much literary merit or complex themes here, but it's just one of those stories that takes me back to the comfortable days of toddlerhood.

Aaron Brandt said...

What about "The Missing Chums"?

RobinK said...

Make Way for Ducklings and Go Dog Go and Horton Hatches an Egg and Madeline and Where the Wild Things Are and Corduroy and Caps for Sale and Harold and the Purple Crayon and Ferdinand and The Poky Little Puppy and ELoise and Babar and Gabriel Churchkitten and...(I color outside the lines, too.)