Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Palin's Predicament

"And thus, as the GOP convention gets under way, we have the ridiculous spectacle of Obama getting credit for talking about compassion while Palin gets criticized for practicing it."


Dinesh D'Souza crafts a must-read essay on Governor Palin's daughter being five months pregnant. Take five minutes out of your life and read this scintillating article.


Julianne said...

"Even so, parents can admire the young girl’s decision not to take the easy way out and have an abortion. The Palins love their daughter unconditionally, and accept the grandchild unreservedly. I predict that this will strengthen Palin’s support both with evangelical Christians and with the American people."

I agree.

Josh Evans said...

As much as I agree that Palin's daughter is doing the right thing by carrying the pregnancy to term, and as much I also entirely agree with her family's loving and accepting response to it, the article took a turn for the worse when it began divulging into Obama's personal life to extent of attacking him for not helping his half-brother. The author is so adamant about 'compassion' and yet the manner in which he speaks of Obama is nothing of the sort. However, all writers have their bias, some more apparent than others, and that is what they bring to their writing and what truly makes them worth reading. For example, a Google search for 'George Obama' (which I quickly did after reading this article) brought me to this website:


I don't know who's telling the entire truth here, but that's a sad reality - we have no real facts anymore, especially when it comes to presidential campaigns (or any major office for that matter).

Julianne said...

Was D'Souza attacking Obama? I don't think so. A good reflection of someone's character is seeing how that person treats members of his or her family, which was one of the points D'Souza was making. Knowing a person's character inside and out is imperative for this election. Anyways, If a political figure is indifferent about his or her own family, how can we as citizens trust that person to serve his or her own community, city, state, or country wholeheartedly? I know I can't. If Obama truly does have a half-brother that he doesn't talk to or provide for, then as a voter, I'm left wondering what his priorities are. The fact that Sarah Palin speaks to the public about her daughter's pregnancy, something that could be argued to be her family's "personal life," and shows an outpouring of compassion for another human being speaks volumes of her character.

JBrandt said...

So nobody can ever hold anybody accountable for the disparity between words and actions? Is it a lack of compassion to reveal the truth or is it a just responsibility. Being mean for mean's sake is not what I'm talking about. Christ overturned the money changer's tables, was he also lacking compassion? Mark 11:15-18. I'm not equating the article with Christ's mission, but it's not callous to reveal truth. Do I not rail against the lack of compassion and truth when Planned Parenthood promotes homosexuality, casual sex and abortion? No, because I have compassion for the truth I rail against the Planned Parenthood as it promotes homosexuality, casual sex and abortion.