Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Black like the A.M. Sky

Never would I demean the euphoric effects of my morning elixir: French vanilla java. No Cream. No Sugar. Black like this morning's A.M. sky.
However, a brief morning spin is mighty close.
Cycling in the cocoon of A.M. darkness is serene. With a light shaft ahead of me, I'm free to align the day's activities, pray and ponder the blessings our Lord and Creator has given to his creation.
Oh, give thanks unto the Lord


Kevin said...

That's more like it! Good job.

JBrandt said...

Kevin, I can't take credit for this photo. The copy/paste feature is a technological marvel. I'll be spinning tomorrow morning as well and I'll pack the camera.

Winner Predictions said...
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Steve Ng said...

Euphoric. Root word is EU= good, well, or pleasant.

I just threw this word into a research paper I wrote.