Friday, July 11, 2008

Kentucky Bluegrass: Modern Day Enslavement

It started with clover. No, not the four-leaf variety but the sprawling, yellow-flowered weed that began making inroads into my lawn.

Fret not. I know what I’m doing. I casually reached for Ortho’s Weed Be Gone located on the first shelf in the garage cabinet. Several sprays later, I realized another purchase was needed.
One advantage to living in The Clem is the local ACO. I purchased a refill, drove home and loaded up. Two days later I noticed that either a small alien colony landed on my front lawn or some local canine had a sever bladder problem. Unfortunately, neither scenario was correct.
Immediately, I snapped some pictures of my fading lawn and began preparing my literary response. Ortho ruined my lawn and justice would be mine. Oh, justice would be mine!

However, just before crafting my letter, I read the bottle I purchased. There in plain sight was the word and my lawn’s undoing: concentrate. I emblazoned my lawn with splotches by spraying concentrate directly to my beloved Kentucky Blue Grass. This week’s contest is to connect the spots to see the not-so-cryptic image that adorns my front yard.

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D. Rohde said...

I wish I could come up with a clever connect the spots, but I can't. However, I did have a good laugh at your blunder. I guess there won't be a lawn of the year finalist sign on your lawn this year!

I took 2nd overall and 1st in the 25-29 age group in the Lake Michigan Duathlon (5k, 25 mile, 5k) today. Set a PR by 11:54. I will blog about the wonderful prize I received...sarcasm