Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The WORST seat ever!

I've been to Tiger Stadium with all its obstructed view seats. I've been to Ford Field and peered through the net behind the goal posts. I've been to Chrysler Arena and had the hand rail almost at eye level...but I've never had a worse seat than this ticket. I thought I'd spend some quality time with my son at a basketball game. Shak has left the Miami building, seemingly along with everyone else but I still wanted to see the Pistons play even if it was the worst team in the NBA. I walked up to the usher and he instructed that we were three rows from the bottom. Actually, we were the first row, right behind the band, The Sun Messengers.
Wow! The farther down the steps we got the better our seats looked. Until, that is, we sat in them. This seat is sandwiched against the portable bleachers behind the basket. The problem is that they are lower than the bleachers and right down the sideline. So when I sat down I could see none of the court and I don't mean there were some plump Pistons fans blocking my view. Because my seat was lower than the bleachers I was smashed against, I could see no part of the court. I had to look up to see the screen. It was my only hope to snatch a glimpse of the Pistons.
Because of technical difficulties I cannot get the picture off my phone to my computer. I will, but until then trust me this seat was the worst. How did I end up with it?
Stub Hub! I scanned the internet and found a seemingly good deal. Now Stub Hub won't give you the seat number before you buy the seat due to privacy restrictions. Fine. I get that. But there needs to be some explanation like, "Buy this seat so you can hear the band." or "With this seat there will be nothing blocking your view...of the giant scoreboard hanging from the rafters."
On the way to the game, I passed by the ubiquitous scalpers in the parking lot. "No I don't need tickets."
Oh, the irony. I had tickets but I had no view.
As it turned out, not many showed up for Beach Night so we moved across the aisle and had an excellent view.
However, if you peruse Scrub Snub and see this ticket, be afraid, be very afraid.

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