Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter Vacation DONE list

I'm nearly finished with the second reading of The Fire and the Staff. It's better the second time around. I've highlighted some quotes that I'll use as blog fodder at a later date. It's also given me some good ideas for a couple of Blog entries similar to the weekly Caption Contest, that has not been so weekly, as of late.

Beach Night at the Pistons/Heat game was...interesting. Our seats were terrible. Pictures will follow. I can't believe you can buy this ticket at The Palace. Honestly, I could not see the floor. I know people will exaggerate when describing visible obstructions but there is no hyperbole here. Even Mr. Hardy, who happened to be at the same game, saw what I saw....the bottom of the bleachers, a guard rail and the backs of Pistons fans. At any rate, it was Beach Night and it was appropriate that as we walked back to our cars we were greeted with four inches of snow. Nice. I scraped the windows and then settled in for the trip home. Usually it's a twenty-five minute ride home. Last night those twenty-five minutes morphed into a seventy-five minute, white-knuckle nightmare. I was driving through white-out conditions on M-59 at the end of March! Ugh!

If you have never heard of Issues, Etc., you need to discover this confessional repository immediately. Stop reading now and discover Issues, Etc. When the discovery is over hit the back arrow and then find out more information concerning Issues, Etc.'s cancellation. The cause and effect pattern should move you to action. Print the information and take it to your pastor. Ask if he's heard of the show and then ask if you could place a blurb in the church bulletin about the show's demise. It may divert attention from the announcement concerning the Easter lily recycling project, but some times, some matters are important. Issues Etc. is one of those matters.

At the very least educate yourself about the Issues, Etc. issue. One great program was Issues, Etc.'s review of Joel Osteen's book, Your Best Life Now. Listen to the review and discover the importance of Issues, Etc.


Steve Ng said...

Throwing in the cause and effect strategy. I like it!

RobinK said...

John, did you see this article?

JBrandt said...

I did. WSJ hit it! I have a letter going out to friends and faculty about the Issues, Etc. issue. It won't bring the show back but hopefully it will create an awareness of the show's value and some might even read the articles or listen to the archived broadcasts.
Robin, I hope you enjoyed your Easter break and had a chance to catch up on reading, rest and health.