Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Great Team Effort = One Small Stone

Last Friday the 9th grade Lady 'Stangs defeated Chippewa Valley High School. Some doubted the girls could fell such a Goliathesque opponent, but not the Lady 'Stangs. They took command early and played with confidence, speed, adjustments and poise to walk off the floor with a 33-32 victory. The Mustangs jumped out to a 10-4 lead by the close of quarter one and were hanging on to a two-point lead at the close of the first half.

In our previous battle with Chandler Park Academy, the girls proved they could run a play they had never seen or practiced before. After some quick sketchings that looked more like a plate of spaghetti than an offensive strategy, the Lady 'Stangs executed it perfectly and scored. Well, we didn't practice the "spaghetti play" but during a key point of the game we took a timeout and the coach reminded them of the play and once again illustrated it with his dry-erase marker. Not only did it work again but the drawing was also better. Instead of resembling spaghetti, it was an obvious serving of manicotti. Pick any Italian pasta dish you want. All I know is the girls played so hard, so well and so smart. They cheered from the bench, dove on the floor and screamed with giddy glee at the end.

To God Alone Be The Glory for giving these girls the talent, the drive and the passion to play basketball.

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